Are you tired of standalone licenses that cost a fortune and limit the functionality you have available?
Altair uses a unit-based licensing system where units do not expire and can be used on multiple machines, through the cloud, and on an HPC server.
After use, your rented units simply return to your available unit pool.
Want to add users? Simply add more units!

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Your access to powerful simulation technology

Simutron is unlocking your future, offering you access to superior simulation and high-performance computing  no matter the size of your business.

No longer is it only major corporations that can innovate using some of the world's most advanced and powerful software. Now SME can also cost-effectively access high-fidelity, physics-based solvers anywhere on the globe, and enjoy seamless integration with other software tools without incremental cost!
With Altair's industry-leading units-based licensing model that allows shared, on-demand access and a robust product portfolio, Simutron truly covers your complete business needs. Visit our Industry Solutions page to explore a curated product toolkit for your business.

In addition, Simutron offers Services, Training, and Support for easy onboarding and continuous business performance at the highest levels.

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