Simutron – SimSolid Webinar

Learn how SimSolid can utilize innovative mathematical techniques to provide rapid and accurate structural analysis without compromising the accuracy.

  • Introduction to Simutron and Mecad Group – 5 min
  • Altair units and marketplace (describing it as access to a “library” of tools) – 5 min
  • Introduction to SimSolid Powerpoint with benchmark case studies comparing results with FEA – 5 min
  • Demonstration of SimSolid with pullup bar (showing geometry changes in and out of SolidWorks) – 10 min
  • Demonstration of SimSolid with large train bogie assembly (modal analysis) – 10 min
  • Show the software available in a typical suite, such as “Concept Engineer” – 5 min.
  • Q&A – 5 min