The final frontier. The last great uncharted territory, and those who work in the field are true explorers. Aerospace engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, discovering new ways to fly and investigating the mysteries of the universe. Altair® simulation software provides the tools that enable engineers to explore and innovate in the field of aerospace.

The team at Altair is instrumental in pioneering the establishment of optimisation centres for major aerospace companies. With their simulation technologies, OEM’s can develop complex high-fidelity finite element models that accurately simulate impact damage and vulnerability events on airframes as well engines or aircraft interiors among others.

Aerospace Moving to certification by analysis

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Design for the Future

In the not-so-distant past, most aircraft were designed using old, inefficient technology. With the advent of topology optimisation, designers can now capitalise on modern solution-specific workflows that is a game-changer for pre-processing, increasing performance of the certification by analysis process. The result? A design process that is better equipped to meet the demands of the future.


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Increase Engineering Agility

In the aerospace industry, by empowering design engineers with the ability to design, analyse, and certify parts using simulation, organisations can reduce development times and get products to market faster. The modern Altair tools allow just this: an environment for analysis, optimisation, manufacturing checks, and geometry editing, supporting fast design iterations and decision making.


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Streamline Concept Decision Making

The future of data analytics is now in your hands. With increased adoption, we can shape how early program decisions are made and apply statistical methods to identify critical performance criteria subsets. Using advanced physics simulations ensures essential measures are met during the early stages to single out design concepts with potential.


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