Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

The world is moving toward green-living and sustainable high-tech structures are non-negotiable. The construction industry's transformation is causing intense pressure toward improved design processes and ensuring accurate structural analysis using simulation tools, big data analytics machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence.

By accurately modelling and predicting complex structural behaviour, wind-induced actions, seismic actions, and other performance factors, Altair®’s world-class design solutions give companies the required competitive edge. Meet optimised structure performance demands, code requirements, safety deadlines and cost requirements.

AEC Intergrated structural engineering

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FEA from CAD Without Meshing

Eliminate geometry simplification and meshing by utilising Altair’s proven technology breakthroughs to analyse fully featured CAD assemblies in a matter of minutes.  Rapidly scrutinise various designs, including large assemblies or complex parts, without issue.

AEC FEA from CAD without meshing 1

Integrated Structural Engineering

Secure workflow productivity and data integrity with Altair’s structural engineering solutions. Access comprehensive data transfer links that manage data during consecutive import/export cycles with building information modelling (BIM) and CAD platforms. Moreover slick workflows will perform advanced structural analysis and code performance assessments for various materials and specified codes.


AEC Intergrated structural engineering 2

Unleashing the Power of Digital Wind

Modern mammoth buildings are impacted by external factors such as wind pressures on the structure and pedestrian comfort. Altair offers mature wind tunnel testing technology that meticulously models wind pressures, delivers rapid results, and gives designers freedom to use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) insights to grow concepts.


AEC unleashing the power of digital wind 1