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Fast-paced transformation, driven by simulation. That is the state of the automotive industry. Altair® is changing the way vehicles are designed by being a crucial partner to some of the largest automotive OEM’s and suppliers, changing the pace of product development allowing for safer, more comfortable passenger experiences partnered with much desired fuel economy and durability.


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A Common Simulation Language

Styling and unique design are crucial to vehicle saleability. Overnight aerodynamics simulations allow timely alterations, without long interruptions during the design process. Engineers can easily and quickly demonstrate the impact on airflow and more,  by reviewing studio innovations daily.

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Cloud Bursting Boosts Vehicle Development Programs

Reduce development costs and risk with on-demand high-performance computing (HPC).  Allowing for scaled and secured peak-time simulation capabilities, detailed multi-disciplinary optimisation studies on multiple programs are at your fingertips.


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Data Analytics Shapes Early Vehicle Design Decisions

When considering a large number of design variables, identifying concepts most likely to succeed as well as important performance criteria subsets during the early design stages can be done by applying statistical methods for dimensionality reduction.

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