Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

There are many factors that go into making consumers loyal, including sensory perception and quality/durability. Nowadays consumers also look at how sustainable the company is as well as its environmental impact on planet Earth. Altair®’s broad portfolio of solvers is the game changer for on-target consumer product designs.

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Enhancing Product Design with Multiphysics

The growing demand for “green” products has led to an increase in sustainable design and manufacturing practices. By using Altair solutions that enable simulation of structural, thermal, and fluid properties, vibration, electromagnetics, and manufacturing constraints in an integrated Multiphysics environment, consumer product designers can ensure that products will withstand structural and operational requirements. This includes normal use, drop, and misuse, all while balancing weight and cost considerations. 

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IoT-enabled Connected Devices

During the design and integration of sensors and antennas for many wearable devices, simulation is required to ensure the antenna design and placement is optimal for signal reliability and compatibility. During the lifetime of the product,  Internet of Things (IoT) software is used to gather data collected by the device sensors enabling manufacturers to do remote maintenance and evaluate insights for product life improvements. 

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Product Validation Shortens Time-to-Market

With simulation, you can test multiple variants of a design at a massive scale with little need for physical testing and reduced redesign iterations. Replacing even one prototyping cycle with simulations could mean getting products on store shelves months ahead of your competition and at a lowered. For manufacturers, this positive impact on ROI could be the competitive advantage needed to become market leaders. 

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