There is a continuous increase in the global demand for energy and the diversity of sources is growing. With a team of professionals, we help customers explore sustainable generation. We provide efficient distribution to maintain reliable power grids and transform the market with the Internet of Things (IoT). Our customers in the oil and gas, coal, renewable energy, nuclear power, or distribution industries use Altair® to simulate everything from geomechanics to composite wind turbine blades and analyse structural safety to network loads.

Energy increase network efficiency

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Reliable in the Real World

The demands of increased power access, urbanisation, and rapid industrialisation force developing economies to undertake more government-funded projects with a focus on rural electrification. Altair analysis and optimisation support the design of efficient and sustainable energy generation equipment required. To provide accuracy in real-world conditions, trusted physics simulations are used to explore variables.

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A Clear Path to Sustainability

With an increased focus on renewable energy, existing utilities are steadily replacing and upgrading the existing infrastructure. Altair’s simulation and optimisation technologies are supporting this developing trend. Our expertise includes acoustic interpretation and assessment, turbine vortex simulation and prediction, composite blade analysis and optimisation, wind farm siting, as well as transmission dynamics simulation and optimisation.

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A Smart Digital Transformation

IoT and smart grid technology are used in the digital transformation of electricity to better customer experiences and ensure safety and compliance. Altair’s real-time streaming analytics is designed to manage energy industry requirements. This technology upholds the critical functions needed to analyse and monitor the massive amounts of data arising in energy production and utility applications.
A Smart Digital Transformation


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