Simulation helps to understand complicated issues, unlock medical breakthroughs, and get the latest advancements to the public quicker, safer and making it widely accessible. Altair® assist medical companies worldwide to improve product design and patient care, as well as lowering costs with simulation-driven design. Our data analytics technologies empower healthcare providers to make faster and more informed decisions. Our simulation and optimisation tools allow device designers and manufacturers to deliver quality and reliability while meeting regulatory standards.

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Reducing Clinical Trials

Clinical tests require large amounts of dedicated time and expenses for device manufacturers to validate safety and performance claims. These trials can be sped up by satisfying the testing of variables virtually with simulation. Numerous variants can be efficiently tested at a massive scale without human or animal testing. Substituting even one variable with simulation can save months of testing time and get products to the market quicker than the competition.

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Enhancing Device Design

Medical and wellness devices should be designed with the goal to withstand the structural and operational requirements coming with normal use, sterilisation, and misuse, all while taking balanced weight and cost into consideration. The market requires increased functionality, connectivity and miniaturisation means that all devices can benefit from the simulation of multiple physics, enabling optimisations for all structural, thermal, electrical, electromagnetic, and manufacturing criteria.
Enhancing Device Design

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Safety in a Connected Environment

Safe electromagnetic operating conditions are vital as connected medical products become a norm. All devices are enforced to meet radio frequency (RF) exposure standards to prevent adverse health effects. Computer simulations can carry out radiation performance evaluations that consider the user position, posture, gender, age, and height as well as the power, frequency and interaction of multiple devices.

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