Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

The construction, mining, agriculture, and off-highway industries that manufacture heavy equipment require their equipment to have precision and the ability to withstand enormous loads in extreme environments. They need to continuously improve their machines' performance and reliability, promptly deliver products and develop innovative solutions to stay ahead of their competition and stay relevant in the market. Manufacturers can create high-quality, trustworthy products, while lower costs and product cycle time with Altair®’s simulation-driven design approach. Simulation allows rapid investigation and analysis of product performance, factoring in fatigue and impact loads, and offering countermeasures for improvement. Whether farmland, highway, or construction site - we’ll help you carry the load.

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Efficient Development and Operation

With Altair’s simulation-driven design tools, such as EDEM™, off-highway equipment manufacturers can make faster, informed, dependable product design decisions. The combination of engineering simulation and Internet of Things (IoT) technology provides operational insights with physics-driven and data-driven digital twins to optimise equipment performance, gain operational insights, and reduce operational costs. Altair is positioned at the convergence of simulation, data acquisition, data analytics, and machine learning to realise greater fleet autonomy.
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Achieving Sustainability Through Right-weighting and Electrification

There are many lightweighting opportunities for topology optimisation in an industry dominated by cast components. Altair’s structural design optimisation technology has proven vehicle weight reduction and performance enhancement. Altair simulation is a vital part of equipment electrification, as it can extend working hours through greater drivetrain efficiency, simulating innovative cooling implementations, and mitigating impact and shock events that could cause a battery failure and potential fires. By implementing simulation-driven design and electrification initiatives, the industry is able to deliver performance while reducing CO2 emissions and meeting environmental efficiency and regulatory standards.

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