Industrial Machinery

Industrial Machinery

The main goal of any machine-building project is to ensure that the production process delivers high-quality goods with no errors. Accurate virtual prototypes can be used to help pinpoint potential problems early on in development and ensure seamless production which leads to improved product profitability.

With the ever-increasing complexity of machines, active management of technical risks is important in product line development and customer implementation projects.  Multiphysics simulation and model-based development can be used to obtain profound knowledge of the phenomena and root causes of unwanted behaviour. Altair’s integrated product and process simulation tools allow a comprehensive view of the system from various roles to ensure perfectly running production earlier.

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Prototype Virtually

Accurate virtual prototyping is a powerful tool that not only offers deeper insight into the structures, mechanisms and machine elements of industrial machinery but also provides the basis for AI-driven decision-making.

By using simulation that interacts well with test data, machine development can be accelerated with numerical optimisation which enhances operational efficiency, eliminate vibrations, and improve machine dynamics.

Linking M-CAD, E-CAD, and controls, system simulation addresses the challenges of progressively complex machine generations.
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Enable Virtual Commissioning

An array of tools, methods, semantics, and implementations makes the exchange of necessary information difficult between structural and software engineers, as well as testing departments. Connecting development disciplines with purpose-driven simulation, the system development solution Altair® Activate® connects with virtual commissioning environments through the functional mockup interface (FMI) standard. By combining the control sequencing with how a machine behaves, you can virtual commission and reduce time investments at your customers’ facility.

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Eliminate Vibrations and Improve Dynamics

Multi-body simulation considers the detailed behaviour of machine elements and creates virtual prototypes that provide the basis for numerical optimisation, providing the possibility of targeted mass savings and vibration reduction. Multi-body simulation can be used to improve the productivity of the machine and production line and give quicker process accuracy. Detailed multi-body simulation enables life and fatigue evaluations to reduce maintenance intervals due to material fatigue.

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