Altair® Simulation Technology has been used to develop high-performing, safe and more cost-efficient vessels for the world's leading shipbuilders and boat designers. From designing and manufacturing of small recreational crafts and large oil tankers to the most technologically advanced aircraft carriers. Altair helps naval architects solve complicated engineering problems and alleviate environmental risks affiliated with seagoing loads including structural, hydro, dynamic, thermal and fatigue, as well as above surface and underwater weapon threats for the military and homeland security.

Marine tailored solutions

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Simulation for Safer Sailing

Simulation can be used for a wide range of applications, including designing safer marine vessels and robust offshore structures with modeling of collision, sloshing, slamming, underwater explosive, structural strength assessment, vibration, noise performance, heat and cooling analyses, as well as antenna design. Customisation and automation technologies and expertise are used to ensure designs meet industry classification and society regulations, capture knowledge and increase development efficiency.

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Reduce Total Ownership Cost

To shorten turnaround time and lower cost, ship designs and certification needs to be faster and more efficient to stay competitive in global competition. Shipbuilders are seeking methods to reduce production and lifecycle management costs. Increased design efficiency and minimised material usage are used to lower manufacturing and operational cost, while increasing fuel efficiency with Altair’s leading structural and computation fluid dynamics (CFD) optimisation technologies.
 Reduce Total Ownership Cost – Video

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