Process Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing

The use of simulation in the pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, and cosmetics industries has been on an upward trend, as engineers work to increase product quality and quick release to the market. Simulation has become increasingly common in all stages of research, development as well as process improvement opportunities that arise. Computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools allow for the rapid design and production of prototypes, reducing time spent on costly physical prototyping.

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Increase Process Efficiency

Computer simulation can be used in the process manufacturing industries to help improve understanding of processes and provide key insight into operations otherwise difficult or sometimes impossible. This results in increased efficiency, which drives innovation for products and processes as well.

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Improve Product Quality

Numerical simulation is a powerful predictive tool that can help companies develop new process strategies and evaluate the effects of design on product characteristics. It provides methods to control product consistency and quality. It supports the adoption of continuous manufacturing.

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