The rail industry, similarly to other sectors, is focusing on improving reliability, availability and connectivity in order to reduce maintenance and operational costs. Transportation systems need to be constructed with strong and aerodynamic rail car designs to accommodate people with greater comfort and safety. For successful design projects, companies must make use of CAE early on in the process for decisions on designs, targets and costs to be completed efficiently.

A key driver for innovation in railways is digitalisation. It offers compelling opportunities to streamline operations, improve the reliability of assets, and enhance customer (passenger or freight) experience while lowering costs. It can collect live information on rail movements and can be a facilitator for the maintenance of fixed assets and rolling stock.

Rail tools for structural integrity

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Maximise Reliability, Availability, and Desirability

Drivers and Passenger Environment: Consistent innovation is needed to provide pleasant experiences and convenience for passengers in a competitive environment like the rail industry. Advanced noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) analysis of Altair OptiStruct™ are broadly used to ensure an enhanced passenger experience. Quality is discussed by Altair Squeak and Rattle Director™Altair CFD™ provides solutions that engineers can use to improve passenger compartment airflow and thermal comfort designs.
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Optimise Connectivity and Operational Costs

Network Connectivity: In today’s rolling stock, equipment connectivity and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) are crucial, it can be optimised with Altair FEKO™ and Altair Flux™. FEKO® is widely used for the design and placement of antennas and modelling wave propagation for network simulation. FEKO can simulate both the radiation and irradiation of cables, antennas and devices to inform the design of effective shielding. Flux can also evaluate the magnetic field radiated by power cables and busbars, and the effect of external fields on the operation of sensors or actuators.

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