Gain momentum for your new business with the Altair's Startup Program

To turn big dreams into reality, you need a little help. That’s why the Altair Startup Program was created—to provide startups with the resources they need for success in their industry. This program has tailored packages for product development, data analytics (DA), and high-performance computing (HPC). It will help you innovate, reduce development times, lower costs, and solve any challenge. *Consultancies and startups in engineering services are ineligible for the Altair Startup Program.

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Available Startup Package

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Altair Smart Product Development Package

The Altair Smart Product Development package is a three year package tailored for startups in product development. Whether you're developing smart connected products, components for e-motors, renewable energy solutions, industrial machinery, or verifying a design for manufacturability, we can help.

To qualify, your startup must:

  • Be younger than five years old
  • Have an annual revenue of $5 million or less
  • Have received $2 million or less in external investment