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Altair Solutions for Flow and Thermal Analysis

Altair is a leading simulation and engineering software solutions provider, offering a wide range of product design and optimisation tools. Its offerings include Flow and Thermal Analysis tools, critical components for many industries, including automotive, aerospace, and energy.

Altair's Flow Analysis tools allow engineers to simulate the flow of liquids and gases around and through objects. This can help engineers optimise designs, reduce drag, and improve overall performance. Altair's Flow Analysis tools can be used to simulate a wide range of applications, including aircraft wings, wind turbines, and automotive components. The software includes capabilities for fluid-structure interaction, aeroacoustics, and more.

Altair's Thermal Analysis tools help engineers predict the temperature distribution and heat transfer within a system. This can be important for various applications, including electronic components, engine design, and building materials. Altair's Thermal Analysis tools can optimise designs for thermal performance, reduce hot spots, and improve overall efficiency. The software includes capabilities for steady-state, transient, and conjugate heat transfer simulations.

One of the critical benefits of Altair's Flow and Thermal Analysis tools is their integration with other Altair software solutions. This means that engineers can quickly transfer data between simulations, allowing for a complete understanding of how designs would perform under various conditions. Additionally, Altair's software solutions are designed to work seamlessly with other engineering tools, making it easier for engineers to collaborate and share data.

Altair's Flow and Thermal Analysis tools are also highly customisable, allowing engineers to tailor simulations to meet their specific needs. The software includes a wide range of pre-built templates and models, but engineers can also create their models and simulations from scratch. This flexibility allows engineers to simulate even the most complex systems, optimising designs for maximum performance.

In conclusion, Altair's Flow and Thermal Analysis offerings provide engineers with powerful tools to simulate the behaviour of fluids and heat within systems. These tools are highly customisable, integrate well with other Altair solutions, and can be used in a wide range of industries. With Altair's Flow and Thermal Analysis tools, engineers can optimise designs for improved performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Rapid-development CFD

Altair Inspire Fluid offers a simple, high-speed workflow for basic computational fluid dynamics (CFD) type problems. The importing or creation of geometry, setting of the solid and fluid domain, applying of the boundary conditions, applying run settings and finally, the post-processing are all completed within a single interface in a fraction of the time of conventional CFD tools.


General-purpose Navier-Stokes CFD

A dependable resource for businesses interested in exploring designs through the utilisation of a comprehensive set of flow, heat transfer, turbulence, and non-Newtonian material analysis capabilities, without encountering the challenges that typically come with traditional CFD applications. Durable, adaptable, and precise, regardless of the mesh elements’ quality and topology.
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