Simulation. Radically change the way you innovate

Simulation. Radically change the way you innovate

Engineering simulations enable designers and manufacturers to develop mechanisms and structures that are more robust, and that can withstand the test of time. Three notable simulation types include: nonlinear structural simulations, computational fluid dynamics, and manufacturing simulations.

Nonlinear structural simulations

Nonlinear structural simulations can be performed using advance simulation software solutions form Altair®, for example Altair SimSolid™ and Altair SimLab™. These simulations are critical when analysts observe that a structure under its specified loading conditions experiences large displacements. Simulation results can then be used to identify if these structures will be fit for service or if a new concept design is feasible.
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Computational fluid dynamics

All structures interact with an invisible fluid namely air. The interaction of forced air currents such as those found in a summer breeze, or gale force winds in a hurricane can affect structures in different ways. Altair AcuSolve™ is an advanced computational fluid dynamics solver that enables analysts to for example determine the effect of air interactions on a structure when considering a fluid structure interaction simulation.
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Manufacturing simulations

New concepts or prototypes are exciting additions to the industry as it allows for rapid growth, or for more options to be available to solve a common objective. However, all new concepts need to be manufactured. Tools such as Altair Inspire Print3D, Altair Inspire Extrude Metal and Altair EDEM™ provide a platform for manufacturers to simulate typical manufacturing processes.
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