EDEM BulkSim


Material model and modeling with Altair BulkSim

Assessing the material model is critical before conducting a discrete element method (DEM) simulation. This helps determine the particle flow, material cohesion, and potential blockages in the chute design.

The primary objective is to create and save a “Calibrated” material model for later use in similar applications.

Furthermore, the “saved” material model can then be imported into the material model editor for this type of chute with a rock box.

Altair EDEM BulkSim

It’s important to note that EDEM BulkSim uses spherical particles that can be run individually or “clumped” to simulate real-world particle shapes. However, for polyhedral particles, the entire EDEM system is required.

In most practical applications, clumping spherical particles together to “simulate” a real-world particle shape is sufficient. If you have any questions about your specific particle size distribution and ore, our experts at Simutron are here to help.

The rock box and chute setup include the following component names:

Altair EDEM BulkSim

As the particles flow through the rock box, they pile up, allowing the material to flow over the build-up material.

Altair EDEM BulkSim

For more information, please view this video.

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