Altair Feko

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Altair Feko written by Gary Styger Brief overview of Altair Feko Altair Feko is a comprehensive electromagnetic simulation software suite used for the analysis and design of antennas, RF components, and other electromagnetic systems. It offers a wide range of solvers and tools for simulating complex electromagnetic problems with high accuracy and efficiency. Importance of … Read more

Altair SimLab 2023 Release Highlights

Altair SimLab

Altair SimLab 2023 Release Highlights Altair SimLab’s 2023 release brings several significant enhancements that would influence users focusing on electromechanical design and simulation. Here are some of the key highlights: Direct Coupling for Electromagnetic and Acoustic Solutions: SimLab 2023 introduces a direct coupling between the Magnetic Transient 2D Solution (MT2D) and the e-Motor acoustic solution. … Read more

SimSolid Advanced – Fatigue Analysis

SimSolid Fatigue Analysis

SimSolid Advanced – Fatigue Analysis In this blog, we outline the process of configuring, operating, and analysing a component experiencing a cantilever load subjected to cycles, necessitating a fatigue assessment. The stress-life fatigue theory, also known as SN theory, is used when a part is subjected to a large number of cycles with lower levels … Read more

EDEM BulkSim

Material model and modeling with Altair BulkSim Assessing the material model is critical before conducting a discrete element method (DEM) simulation. This helps determine the particle flow, material cohesion, and potential blockages in the chute design. The primary objective is to create and save a “Calibrated” material model for later use in similar applications. Furthermore, … Read more