Shape the Future of Mining: Be part of the digital transformation revolutionizing South Africa’s mining sector

Shape the Future of Mining: Be part of the digital transformation revolutionizing South Africa's mining sector.

written by Gary Styger

Simutron brings digital twin and AI technology to the South African mining industry.

Simutron, a South African software business, is accelerating the use of advanced simulation and digital twin technologies in the country’s crucial mining sector. Simutron, founded in 2022 as a subsidiary of the long-standing MECAD Group, has experienced rapid growth by delivering affordable and accessible software solutions to both large mining corporations and small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs).

Simutron’s solution is built around an annual licensing model that provides users with access to a vast library of regularly updated simulation and modelling tools. This includes Altair® SimSolid™, which allows for design iterations of huge CAD assemblies without the requirement for de-featuring or meshing, and Altair® EDEM™, which employs Discrete Element Method particle simulations to represent mining processes such as conveyors, chutes, filters, and mills.


While digital twin technology, which connects predictive models and real-world prototypes to accelerate product development, is still in its early stages in South Africa, Simutron is assisting mining firms and their suppliers in taking steps in this direction. The company’s software enables for the construction of virtual prototypes that can be tested and refined, lowering physical prototyping costs. Simutron is also using artificial intelligence techniques to accelerate design cycles depending on the data gathered.

Simutron has found a ready market among South Africa’s mining giants as well as SMMEs, which make up a vibrant and fast-growing section of the industry, with mining accounting for approximately 80% of its sales. The company’s products are used throughout the mining lifecycle, from rock extraction to mineral processing to final product distribution.

Simutron’s product has already shown tangible improvements to clients’ bottom lines. In one case study, a pump manufacturer was able to build a new product line considerably faster and at a lower cost thanks to Simutron’s economical tools and training. With several new software releases and updates planned for later in 2024, Simutron appears to be on track to continue its rapid growth as a provider of cutting-edge yet accessible simulation solutions for South Africa’s crucial mining industry. The company intends to build on its early successes by broadening its market reach and compiling more case studies that demonstrate the ROI of its solutions.


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