Transforming Engineering Decisions with Altair® Twin Activate™’s Digital Twin Technology

Altair® Twin Activate™

written by Gary Styger

Altair® Twin Activate™ is an open, flexible integration system that enables whole system simulation with real-time digital twin deployment through any product lifecycle stage. Teams can model systems and subsystems of any complexity through a unique block diagram modelling environment. They can then test and predict system performance under various conditions using Altair’s digital twin solution, combining multidisciplinary, multiphysics simulations with revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and high-performance computing (HPC) technologies. Twin Activate’s purpose-driven simulation capabilities facilitate mixed-fidelity modelling that helps teams define simulation areas of interest. This efficient approach saves time and resources while quickly generating meaningful analyses. Moreover, unparalleled collaboration is critical; teams from different engineering domains can contribute to the same source models, incorporate existing workflows, eliminate information bottlenecks, and gain deeper, actionable insights faster.

Why Twin Activate?

A holistic assessment

Simulate the entire product and system-of-systems performance to evaluate overall behaviour and interactions between components and subsystems. Include multidisciplinary aspects in simulations, such as coupling 1D and 3D models. 

Digital Twins

Connect reduced-order models (ROMS) to physical assets. Utilise live data streams and simulated data to test models using what-if scenarios and to guide designs from the initial concept phase. With Twin Activate, organisations gain access to extensive insights, hasten innovation, and enhance engineering decisions at every stage of development. The following is an instance of Altair® romAI™ in action, which is used to “train” a mechanical system. 


Open and flexible environment

Twin Activate’s integration platform facilitates seamless connectivity and interoperability between diverse systems. It supports native Modelica, Spice, Python, OpenMatrix (OML), and C languages. Additionally, it promotes collaboration through the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) standard and facilitates digital twins using open protocols such as Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT).


Altair® Twin Activate™ stands as a cutting-edge solution for teams looking to leverage the full potential of digital twins in system simulation and real-time deployment. Its open, flexible integration system empowers engineers to model, simulate, and predict the performance of complex systems with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Twin Activate ensures that teams can generate meaningful insights and drive innovation throughout the product lifecycle by enabling multidisciplinary collaboration and utilising advanced technologies like AI, data analytics, and HPC.

The platform’s support for various modelling languages and protocols, along with its emphasis on mixed-fidelity modelling, makes it an indispensable tool for organizations aiming to enhance their engineering decisions and accelerate development processes. With Altair® Twin Activate™, the future of system simulation and digital twin technology is here, providing a robust foundation for next-generation engineering and design.