SimSolid Contacts

SimSolid Contacts:

How They Save Time in Engineering Design and Simulation

SimSolid contacts provide a faster and more efficient way to model contacts between parts in engineering design and simulation, saving time and resources. Learn more about SimSolid contacts and how they can help you.

What are SimSolid contacts?
Simsolid is a unique simulation software that model and analyse complex engineering designs accurately. It also models contacts between parts easily and accurately.
Contacts are the areas where two or more parts come into contact. Simsolid contacts are a type of contact modelling used in SimSolid simulations.

How do SimSolid contacts save time?

Simsolid contacts save time in engineering design and simulation in several ways:
  1. Meshless simulation: Unlike traditional finite element simulations, SimSolid uses a unique meshless simulation technology to model contacts between parts. This means that SimSolid does not require a finite element mesh to be created, which can be time-consuming. By eliminating the need for a mesh, SimSolid can significantly reduce the time it takes to model contacts.

  2. Automated contact detection: Simsolid can automatically detect and apply contacts between parts in a design, saving engineers the time and effort required to model contacts manually. This automated contact detection feature makes SimSolid particularly useful for complex designs with many parts and complex contact behaviours.

  3. Intuitive interface: Simsolid has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for engineers to apply contacts between parts. The software offers a range of contact types, including bonded, sliding, and separation, making it easy to model a wide range of contact behaviours.

  4. Faster simulations: SimSolid can generate simulation results faster than traditional finite element simulations by accurately modelling contacts between parts.
SimSolid Contacts:

This allows engineers to quickly iterate and optimise their designs without spending time manually modelling contacts. In summary, SimSolid contacts offer a faster and more efficient way to model contacts between parts in engineering design and simulation. By eliminating the need for a mesh, automating contact detection, and offering an intuitive interface, SimSolid can significantly reduce modelling time and generate accurate simulation results.

Video Introduction to SimSolid Contacts:

To Learn more how to incorporate contacts into your design workflow visit our website: SimSolid – Simutron