SimSolid Advanced – Fatigue Analysis

SimSolid Fatigue Analysis

SimSolid Advanced – Fatigue Analysis In this blog, we outline the process of configuring, operating, and analysing a component experiencing a cantilever load subjected to cycles, necessitating a fatigue assessment. The stress-life fatigue theory, also known as SN theory, is used when a part is subjected to a large number of cycles with lower levels … Read more



SimSolid_2022.3_New_Features Altair SimSolid 2022.3 has just been released with the latest features to increase the users’ ability to complete upfront simulation during the design process. The new features are as follows: Linux HPC support Squeak and Rattle ECAD reader Transient thermal-stress Imported thermal Alignment Virtual cable/rod New features in detail: Linux HPC support SimSolid now … Read more

SimSolid Contacts

SimSolid Contacts:

SimSolid Contacts: How They Save Time in Engineering Design and Simulation SimSolid contacts provide a faster and more efficient way to model contacts between parts in engineering design and simulation, saving time and resources. Learn more about SimSolid contacts and how they can help you. What are SimSolid contacts?Simsolid is a unique simulation software that … Read more

SimSolid – Volume expansion

Change in length due to the thermal expansion

Have you ever wondered how to model the effect of thermal expansion/contraction? SimSolid – Volume expansion Altair SimSolid™ enables “volume expansion/shrinkage” to be applied to a complete assembly or individual parts. This works similarly to thermal expansion on the body. A volumetric expansion of 100% would yield a similar result as the thermal load of … Read more